Updated: Nov, 07 2019
Beer Brewery Beer Style ABV IBU
Peach Fuzz Santiam Brewing Imperial Hazy IPA 8.0% 30
Boneyard Hop Venom Boneyard Beer Imperial/Double IPA 9.0% 60
Dry Skies Ninkasi Brewing Brut IPA 6.8% 35
Cigar City Maduro Brown Ale Cigar City Brewing Brown Ale 2019 GABF Gold Medal Winner! 5.5% --
Chronicles of Gnarnia Humble Sea Brewing Hazy Super Dank 8.3% --
Sparkling Blood Orange CBD Soda Ablis Water -- --
Cucumber Mint Sparkling Water Aprch// CBD Soda 0.0% --
Forever in a Day Ruse Hazy IPA 6.8% --
Herbs of a Feather Coalition Brewing Lemon Basil CBD Sour *SPECIAL PRICE* 5.5% --
Mt. Hood Strawberry 1859 Cider Juicy Strawberries, Bone Dry finish, Excellence 5.3% --
Reverend Nat's Holy Water (Melon) Reverend Nat&#039s Hard Cider Watermelon Cider 4.3% --
Trans-Dimensional Cowboy Xylem Cider Co. Grapefruit Rosé w/ Jack Herer Terpenes 6.0% --
Pineapple Passion Fruit CBD Cider Otto'S   0.0% --
Living in Gratitude Gt's Kombucha Apple, Turmeric, Carrot, Ginger, Spiced Kombucha -- --
Cucumber Lime Mint Gts Kombucha -- --
Ultimate Ginger Kombucha Lionheart Kombucha Kombucha -- --